The world is in a soup...

Islands are pieces of bread and between them, pirates and merchants fight against each other. Bruno, the benevolent god, watches over this small world where all kind of creatures live. Follow the crew of the Jacktail, composed by the ludicrous Black Whiskers, the enormous Krokoss and the mysterious Krokoss, on their adventures against Mr. Whale’s Delivery Service.

Synchronous turn-based battle

Plan your moves ahead. Anticipate every enemy movements and counter their strategy. You can always see what the other crew is preparing for you. With swords, cannons, mortars, defeat your enemies!

Explore the Western Soup!

Explore the ten islands of the Western Soup, each with their own boss to defeat. In the end, challenge Mr. Whale in the center island of Cetacea.

Naval battle on the High Soup

Pursue merchent or pirate ships. Shoot them and all aboard!

Development Crew